New Studio Release: Improved Publishing Options and more!

Some exciting new features are now available that makes creating your Booktrack masterpieces easier than ever before!

Partial or complete Booktrack

Authors and creators must now tick a box to indicate whether their Booktrack is the "complete" or "partial" version. It's to help readers find your work more easily on our bookshelf. Readers can now also filter by partial or complete content in the library.


Publish to text library

Do you want to make your writing available to everyone, without having to soundtrack it? No problem! Authors can now choose to soundtrack their own books, or publish to our text library – where other Booktrack creators can soundtrack it.


Unlisted Booktracks

Want to share your Booktrack with only a few select people? Tick the box that says "unlisted", and we will give you a special private URL/link that you can share with only the people you want.

Promotional links

If you are posting a chapter or excerpt from a full Booktrack and want to point people to your paid eBook somewhere else on the internet, feel free to include a promotional external link. 


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