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Hugh Howey Soundtrack Finalist

Sue Copsey-C

Born in dear old England, in the town of Rugby, I headed to the Big Smoke to go to uni, and stayed there for the next 15 years, during which I was a press officer at London Zoo, married Michael, travelled the world for 18 months, then found my dream job writing and editing children's books at Dorling Kindersley.

After 5 years at DK, itchy feet, being over British winters, and wanting a relaxed outdoor lifestyle for the family we were finally thinking about saw us head to Auckland, New Zealand in the late 1990s. Baby no.1 arrived a few months later, and no.2 in 2000. Freelance editing and writing meant I could be at home with the kids, and make the most of that great Kiwi lifestyle. I have edited and written more than 50 NZ schoolbooks, and currently am working as an editor with many indie authors, as well as writing my own children's series. In 2011, my first full-length children's novel, The Ghosts of Young Nick's Head, was published.

Working in publishing, I have watched with interest the development of technologies that allow for enhanced reading experiences. I enjoy writing ghost stories, and for a long time, even before Booktrack came on the scene, had wanted to be able to add spooky sounds to my eBooks, to make the experience more fun and immersive for the reader. For so many children, reading has become bottom of the list of entertainment options, so adding sound will, I hope, encourage reluctant readers back into books.

Having already published three Booktracks in the ghost story genre, I was looking to have a go at something a bit different for the competition. So to challenge myself, I chose an action scene in which I could layer music and sound effects to ramp up the reader's heartbeat and leave them in no doubt that the protagonist's life was in danger.

As an author I love Booktrack. It lends itself beautifully to my genre (ghost stories) and I think it has great potential in my other specialist area - children's books. I would love to soundtrack more children's stories perhaps for other publishers, as well as more of my own writing.

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