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Liel Leibovitz

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communications
New York University


Executive Summary

The study looks at the correlation between text and sound in ebook readers, using the Booktrack enhanced platform, and seeks to assert what, if any, are the cognitive advantages to reading accompanied by audio elements.


For the first time, anyone can create and publish their own Booktrack to share their stories with a global audience in a more engaging and immersive way

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — September 5, 2013 — BooktrackTM, the company that adds soundtracks to stories, announced today the launch of Booktrack Studio software that for the first time lets anyone add a synchronized soundtrack to digital text to provide an immersive, movie-like reading experience. Available from the Chrome Web Store, the free Chrome app allows writers to quickly embed music, ambient audio, and sound effects into their story that will play in synch with the storyline, paced to each individual’s reading speed.


Booktrack caught up with Barbara Wade Rose, the author of The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist, which was released as a Booktrack edition in December, to find out more about this fascinating story.


Booktrack and RNZFB release a new way to experience Margaret Mahy’s latest story

AUCKLAND, NZ — March 25 — Children’s story Footsteps through the Fog is the latest title to be brought to life with Booktrack’s movie-style synchronised soundtrack. The special story, written by acclaimed New Zealand children’s writer, the late Margaret Mahy with pictures by award-winning illustrator Gavin Bishop, takes children on a journey to experience the world in a different way and is enhanced by the music, ambient sound and sound effects synchronised to the text and pictures. The Booktrack enhanced e-book edition of Footsteps through the Fog will be on sale from March 25 during NZ Book Month.


Hear the Cideville Poltergeist for the first time in 160 years with Booktrack

AUCKLAND, NZ — December 14 — When author, Barbara Wade Rose sat down to write The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist, which is based on the 1851 witch trial in Cideville, France, she already had a soundtrack for the book in mind. Since it is central to the plot that the reader is able to hear the Poltergeist, creating a Booktrack edition of the novel was a perfect fit – synchronizing music, sound effects and ambient sound to the brilliantly written text. The Booktrack edition of The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist will be on sale from December 14.