Readers, authors, and publishers can now create and sell their Booktracks and
reach a new and engaged audience of over two million readers

Over the last year many of you have written to Booktrack asking to sell your titles with a soundtrack on…and we have listened!!

Today, I am very excited to announce that Authors and Publishers can now sell their Booktrack titles through the Booktrack platform to a growing audience of over 2 million readers! Now you have the opportunity to generate a new revenue stream through the Booktrack platform - getting started is an easy process , and for anyone who’s unsure we are more then happy to help you (just email Chazz!) along the way. 

We have also launched a new feature, Booktrack Embed. This lets authors and readers embed any full-featured Booktrack title, complete with soundtrack, into any website – similar to embedding a YouTube video. Authors can now give their fans a Booktrack experience right in their own website, and utilize tools like social media to extend their reach and give their audience a new way to experience their title with a soundtrack.

Over the last few years the extraordinary Booktrack development team has brought the Booktrack technology to life, creating a platform that now let’s anyone add a soundtrack to their story. An extensive content catalogue of more than 10,000 Booktrack titles in 30 different languages, with over two million engaged Booktrack readers from around the world has been created and is available to enjoy through the Booktrack Platform. You can now create your own Booktrack titles and sell to this new audience who want to experience your story with a Soundtrack!

Booktrack started as an idea in 2008 by watching millions of people commuting every day on buses, trains, planes and ferries while listening to their iPods and reading their paperback books. We always thought that this behavior was strange – people listening to audio that had nothing to do with what they were reading! We discovered that reading was in fact the only mainstream entertainment medium without synchronized sound! We realized that if you could somehow synchronize the music to what was happening in the book scene as a reader read that scene, and added ambient audio and sound effects, it was an amazing and engaging reading experience. It was not until 2011, when tablet and smart phone technology was advancing that Booktrack was made possible.

Fast forward to 2015, where Booktrack now has a complete end-to-end platform, when anyone can create, publish, distribute and sell a Booktrack title to a rapidly growing user base of over 2 million users. I want to thank every author, musician, publisher and reader that has supported Booktrack and made it possible to bring Booktrack to life. We look forward to you generating new revenue streams with the Booktrack platform and together ensuring that every now and then video games gets turned off and the good old-fashioned (but now  enhanced with a soundtrack) book is picked up instead.

Paul Cameron, CEO, Booktrack.