The Mobile Reading Revolution

There will always be debate surrounding which is the best eReader in the market, but that could soon be settled for good with the rise of smartphones and tablets, devices you can also read on!

The World Wide Web celebrated its 25th birthday on March 12, 2014. 87% of Americans are now online and 58% of Americans own smartphones. 44% of US internet users also own tablets.

In 2007, around the same time that Amazon released the first Kindle, Apple released the original iPhone. It would go on to revolutionize the smartphone market, with users raving about its awesome touchscreen technology and ease of scrolling.

By 2013, smartphones took up a 55% share of the global mobile phone market. So it's no surprise that eReading has also shifted to mobile devices. The biggest advantage of reading on mobile is that the smartphone is an all-in-one device.

Booktrack is designed to fit seamlessly into our new mobile culture and works on Android and Apple devices. Readers can browse through thousands of synchronized movie-style eBooks in the Booktrack library – and gain access to new titles as soon as they're published by authors.

eReading has continued to evolve and grow, and we can only anticipate that the number of people reading eBooks on mobile devices will keep rising. As that happens, there will be endless opportunities for authors and readers to connect with each other in new and exciting ways.

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