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Imagine hearing while you are reading the Booktrack version of Romeo and Juliet where Juliet has just met her end in the Capulet tomb, you hear the fatal blow and then the orchestra starts at exactly the right moment to convey the tragedy of the scene and complement the text.

With Booktrack you can. 

Best of all, it's easy and free – just follow the steps below.

1 Get Google Chrome Google Chrome


Booktrack Studio is only available on the Google Chrome browser. If you aren't already using Chrome, you can get the free browser here

We will be releasing a mobile version of the Booktrack Studio in the coming months as well as supporting other web browsers.

2 Get Booktrack


The Booktrack Studio is online and free to use. You can access it here.

3 Browse the Booktrack Librarybt-bookshelf-screenshot


Browse our library of hundreds of immersive titles, including old favourites like Romeo & Juliet, Dagon, and Huckleberry Finn; and contempary titles like The Bridge, Fireworks on the 4th, and A Far Traveler: The First Alien.

You can search by genre, type, and language to find the perfect booktrack to immerse yourself in.

4 Immerse yourself in a booktrackbt-reader-screenshot


Click on the booktrack cover to start reading. The soundtrack automatically synchronizes to your reading speed, so that you hear the music, ambient sound, and sound effects at exactly the right points in the text to create an emotive and immersive reading experience.

You can also adjust the reading speed manually and re-synchronize the soundtrack to a certain point in the text if you lose your place.

5 Sharebt-booktrack-info-screenshot


If you like what you've read and listened to, you can easily share the booktrack on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and/or by Email. 


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If you have any questions about Booktrack Studio, send us an email at

About Booktrack


For the first time, Booktrack brings music and sound to the written word. Across all digital reading and writing platforms, our cutting-edge technology introduces a cinematic experience to eBooks and digital texts.

Writers can amplify their stories and readers are immersed in a whole new way.



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