New Booktrack Release: New Booktrack Release: The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist

Hear the Cideville Poltergeist for the first time in 160 years with Booktrack

AUCKLAND, NZ — December 14 — When author, Barbara Wade Rose sat down to write The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist, which is based on the 1851 witch trial in Cideville, France, she already had a soundtrack for the book in mind. Since it is central to the plot that the reader is able to hear the Poltergeist, creating a Booktrack edition of the novel was a perfect fit – synchronizing music, sound effects and ambient sound to the brilliantly written text. The Booktrack edition of The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist will be on sale from December 14.

The idea for The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist came when Rose was flicking through a book on the paranormal at the dentist to take her mind off her upcoming root canal. Inspired by the events of the Cideville poltergeist and subsequent witch trial, Rose decided to turn the incredible events into a novel. “When I came across the Cideville story, it seemed extraordinary - not just because of the Poltergeist, but because of the Witch's courage and sense of justice,” says Rose.

Specially written and composed for the novel, the soundtrack is unique because The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist does not fit into an obvious genre. Set against the magnificent backdrop of the idyllic French countryside, it contrasts with the unnerving, and at times horrific, sound of the poltergeist. “We had a lot of fun creating the sound of the Poltergeist,” says Sarah Lineham Booktrack’s Creative Director, “Barbara had a very clear idea of what it should sound like and had a lot of input in the creation of the Booktrack.” In fact, Rose edited parts of the novel to better work with the synchronized soundtrack. The soundtrack was produced by award-winning sound studio Park Road Post who also produced the sound for the blockbuster movies King Kong, The Adventures of Tintin, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist is set in a small village in 1850’s France. The Witch Thorel Felix puts a hex on two students of the local priest Lariat. Soon after, strange noises start to be heard in the parsonage, which Lariat becomes convinced is a Poltergeist set upon him by Felix. The noises escalate, driving out the housekeeper and making life for Lariat and the boys nearly unbearable. Many things are tried to rid themselves of the Poltergeist (without the knowledge of the church) – an exorcism, a séance, scientific enquiry, all to no avail. Lariat goes to confront Felix and ends up beating him to the ground. Felix sues the Priest for slander and assault and what follows may be history's only trial where a witch was the plaintiff, not the defendant. You can purchase the Booktrack edition of the The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist from Booktrack’s app, which can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store.

Barbara Wade Rose is a writer whose 15 years of investigative journalism for such publications as The Globe and Mail and Saturday Night Magazine has won two national writing awards. She is also the author of Budge: What Happened to Canada's King of Film. She currently resides in Toronto. For more information, visit

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