Laurence MacNaughton

Laurence MacNaughton

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Laurence's books are about strong but deeply flawed characters who face deadly mysteries, terrifying chases and daring rescues – they risk it all to do the right thing and become heroes.

As a kid, he pounded his stories out on a Remington manual typewriter. He still does, sometimes. Laurence write mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, and urban fantasy.

His biggest influences are Robert B. Parker, H.P. Lovecraft, and William Gibson. Bestselling author James Rollins calls his work "thrilling." J.A. Konrath says it's "uber-cool."

But don't take their word for it – read one of his stories and decide for yourself!

In His Own Words:

I have a real ear for sound. In fact, I used to be a radio DJ before I became a writer. When I'm creating a story, I often speak it out loud, getting the cadence of the words down just right. So I have a particular impression in my head of just what the story should sound like.

What I enjoy the most about Booktrack is that I can create a living soundscape around the story, adding a dimension of experience that feels very real, very visceral. I'll often layer effects on top of one another, to create an almost subliminal depth. Crows calling, wind sighing, little creaks and rustles of fabric. All of these things help create a deep, immersive world around the listener. Sounds can create an emotional experience, and that makes the story something entirely new. I love it.


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