How to Increase Your Reads on Booktrack

We get many queries from authors who want to know how to get more reads on Booktrack. While there is no one fool-proof method that will guarantee an increase in reads, there are some things you can do to make it easier for people to discover and follow your stories.

Read and comment on other Booktracks

Comments-Screen-ShotOne of the easiest ways to find new readers for your work is to be a reader yourself. Read and comment on Booktracks by other authors. Booktrack offers a ready-made community of readers and writers who can engage with your work.

Make your comments interesting and/or useful, and you might just be able to start a conversation with the author or other readers. While you can link back to your own Booktrack if it feels natural, try not to turn the comments section into a sales pitch for your story. Remember, while you want more reads, you're also cultivating long-term fans hoping they'll stick around and follow your other stories, so don't turn them off!

Share your work on social media

New readers need a way to discover your work, so make sure that you're actively sharing and engaging with them on social media. It's super easy to share your Booktrack from the platform. Just click on "Share this Booktrack" to find the social media account you want to share it to.

But more importantly, don't leave it at that. Answer all fan questions. If someone tweets back to say they enjoyed your Booktrack, try to start a conversation and ask what they liked about it. Even if the feedback is negative, always thank them – you could learn something about how to improve your next Booktrack!

Make the best Booktrack you can

Make sure your story is in the best shape that you can get it to before putting it up on Booktrack. If you need some help getting started, check out Booktrack guru Chazz's tips on how to make an amazing Booktrack.

The stories that get the highest reads come from many different genres, but they all have one thing in common: good editing. Once you get the basic grammar and spelling right, ask some people you trust (in the industry they're called beta readers) to give you their honest opinion about the plot, characters, pacing, soundtrack, ambience and sound effects. All good writers go through many edits – it's what turns a rough draft into a polished gem!

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