We’re a Google for Education Partner!

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We are very happy to announce our most recent news—we are officially a Google for Education Partner and featured in the most recent Google Newsletter!

Teachers and students worldwide now have access to Booktrack's FREE Classroom platform for schools. Booktrack is an immersive and modern way for students to read their favorite books, stories, poems, and plays. It's also a great way to get students learning and fully engaged while they do it.

Our platform amplifies the reading experience by adding a synchronized movie-style soundtrack to an eBook. Essentially, an eBook is enhanced by music, ambient sounds and sound effects that sync with each person's reading speed. For example, when reading Sherlock Holmes, you would hear the sounds of horses cantering down the cobblestone streets with the subtle ambient sounds of the city playing out as the scene within the story unfolds.

Students can become producers and sound engineers by adding soundtracks to their own work, or to sections from classics books in the Booktrack Classroom text library. This allows them to stretch their creative imaginations in ways they never have before. The possibilities are virtually limitless with our free library of thousands of music clips, sound effects and ambient sounds available to all students. Teachers can also control privacy settings that allow students to share their work, or even embed their Booktracks on websites or blogs as part of their online portfolios.


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And the best part is, it's fun, easy to use and studies have shown Booktrack increases reading retention by 30% and comprehension by 17%.

"Booktrack is the only tool that I've found that really helps students connect with author purpose and tone in writing," says Kate Baker, an English teacher at Southern Regional High School in New Jersey. "And if that wasn't enough, students have fun searching for sounds to add to their essays—the cacophony of music, sound effects and student laughter was music to my ears."

This school year get your students excited about reading, writing and creating and join the over 12,000 schools worldwide that are using Booktrack Classroom.



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