Creative Flash Fiction Prompts

June 22 is National Flash Fiction Day, and around the world, writers and readers are celebrating the "short short" form by reading and writing flash fiction. Flash fiction are very short stories that tell the entire tale in a few paragraphs, or even words. One of the best examples of flash fiction is the one largely credited to Ernest Hemingway: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn". 

It contains all the key ingredients to a great flash fiction story – short, succinct and packed with the kind of detail (baby shoes, never worn) that evoke emotion and leaves the shutterstock 141338167reader hungry for more. Writing flash fiction can be a great way for authors to learn how to edit their own work. Because flash fiction is usually around 300 – 500 words, writers are forced to make every word count!

For National Flash Fiction Day, we're challenging authors to write Twitter flash fiction based around these writing prompts. Don't forget to tag us @booktrack so we can read your stories, and feel free to click on the link to share the tweet with your friends.

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