Booktrack Short Story Competition Winners

The Booktrack Short Story Competition closed a few weeks ago. We had some really strong entries come in, so it was a tough decision choosing three winners. But in the end, three short stories stood out that were strong in storytelling, character realization and had good soundtracks.

Congratulations Andrew B. Feldman, Jim Musgrave and Elodie West!

The winners of the competition win an amazing developmental editing and promotional package from Booktrack including a developmental edit for their stories from, free book cover, trailer and promotion via Booktrack's social media and community channels.

Check out these great Booktrack titles below:

There's Hope Yet in Hell

The Kissing Bandit

The White Room

If you missed out this time, don't worry – there's plenty more chances to win! Booktrack and Hugh Howey have partnered to bring you the Booktrack Hugh Howey Competition. There are two ways to win: through the soundtrack contest, or the fan fiction writing contest, both based around Howey's bestseller Half Way Home.

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