Booktrack and Litquake Announce Winning Authors

Challenged to Create Soundtracks for Short Stories Litquake's Literary Festival Writers Showed a Knack for the New Medium

SAN FRANCISCO – November 18, 2013 - BooktrackTM, the company with an online platform that enables authors to add soundtracks to their stories, today announced the winners of their writing competition held in partnership with the Litquake Literary Festival. Litquake is the largest literary festival west of the Mississippi and attracted nearly sixteen thousand participants this year. The competition put the powerful tools of Booktrack Studio into the hands of writers, enabling them to experiment with the new digital storytelling medium and providing a showcase for Litquake's writers to promote their work.

Booktrack Studio (available at allows writers to seamlessly embed music, ambient audio and sound effects to their story. The music and effects play in sync with the storyline, paced to each individual's reading speed, for an immersive reading experience. Launched in September, the new technology allows anyone to publish a story free-of-cost.

"Litquake is all about encouraging new and experienced writers to practice their craft and connect with readers. And we love learning about new opportunities for readers to find new writers to fall in love with. So it's only natural that Litquake paired up with Booktrack on this contest. Congrats to the winners!" Elise Proulx, Associate Director, Litquake.

Adds Booktrack's CEO and co-founder Paul Cameron, "Booktrack is the only platform of its kind that combines music and sound effects with text for a transformative reading experience. In collaborating with Litquake, we provided writers a unique opportunity to experience the craft of writing in a new way as well as showing them there are exciting alternative mediums for reaching and engaging digital audiences. I congratulate the winners – Laurence MacNaughton – The Case of the Mummy's Secret; Thomas Davidson – Exit; and Clayton Smith – The Doll Maker. These winners demonstrate the heart and power of Booktrack and the opportunity for writers to increase the awareness of their work."

The winners: Laurence MacNaughton with The Case of the Mummy's Secret. When supernatural evil stalks the noir streets of 1947 New York private detective Jazzy St. Clare is on the case. A gripping story of ancient curses and dark sorcery brought to life with ominous background music and creaky sounds of rugged wooden crates being unearthed and unwisely opened for the first time in centuries. "To be honest, it might sound like a strange idea. But if you try it even once, you'll wish all books were Booktracks," Laurence MacNaughton, Author.

Certain to send a cold shiver through readers, Thomas Davidson won for Exit, a story that takes place at a movie theater but you may never go out......the way you came in. Davidson comments on his Booktrack experience, "Hollywood has known this since the early days of silent films. Add a soundtrack to a story and it enhances emotion—suspense, humor, romance, reflection. Add a layer of sound to text, and it will change the texture. It's chemistry, really, because it transforms."

Welcome to the woodshop of Clayton Smith who won for The Doll Maker. The doll maker has been hard at work, and his family is almost complete. As Smith explains, "I was looking for a better way to share individual short stories from my collection, Pants on Fire: A Collection of Lies, when I stumbled across Booktrack, which allowed me to give my stories a whole new, really fun dynamic. It opened them up to a whole new audience, too."

About Booktrack
Booktrack has created a new genre of digital storytelling entertainment. The patented technology lets anyone add a synchronized movie-style soundtrack—including music, ambient audio and sound effects—to an e-Book or other digital text content, with the audio paced to each individual's reading speed. This innovative platform enables users to create and share stories in a unique and exciting way, transforming the "written" word on e-readers and mobile devices. Funded by investors including Peter Thiel (Co-founder and former CEO of PayPal), Booktrack will change the way people read, write, and publish their stories. For more information, visit or follow @booktrack on Twitter.

About Litquake
And then maybe in the text, you can describe what Litquake is? Feel free to edit, but here are the basics: Litquake is a 14-year old San Francisco literary festival, featuring more than 850 authors each October, with many events broadcast via the Lit Cast podcast. Associated Lit Crawl events are produced in cities worldwide, including London, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and Iowa City. For more info see and

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