Books you should have read in school...

It’s not too late, you still can!

Summer is officially over on September 23, aka tomorrow, but all is not lost! In fact, there are amazing things that follow, like spending cozy nights in curled up on the sofa with a crackling fire a great Book(track). See what we did there.

To kick off the back-to-work/school year we have put together a list of our favorite Booktracks consisting of titles that you should have read in school, but possibly didn’t. And the good news is, even if you did read them in school, you certainly never read them with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack. 


Heart of Darkness Jane Eyre  Frankenstein
Hamlet Tom Sawyer  Metamorphisis
Scarlet Letter Robinson Crusoe Oliver Twist
Wuthering Heights Gullivers Travels  The Secret Advesary





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