Advice for Fan Fiction Writers

There are only a few weeks left till the closing date of the Hugh Howey Booktrack Competition! The race is on to the finish line – 11.59pm Pacific Standard Time, July 31. If you're a little stuck, here are some great inspirational ideas to get you started, or keep you going.

Remember, there are two ways to win: you can either write and soundtrack a fan fiction story on Booktrack, OR soundtrack a chapter of Half Way Home. The following advice is for fan fiction writers. If you're entering the soundtrack contest, go here for some great tips to help you get going!

shutterstock 47999719Writing exercises

One of the things that can help you come "unstuck" when writing fan fiction is to use writing exercises as a starting point. You can, for example, pick a random sentence or scene from anywhere in Half Way Home. Use it as a starting point for your story. A quick google search for the term "writing exercises" will uncover a lot more helpful advice.

Create your own characters

Writers who are unfamiliar with the world of fan fiction may find it hard to begin. But remember that Fifty Shades of Grey started off as Twilight fan fiction, using new characters that are very different to the vampires in Twilight. So feel free to create your own new characters to add to the world of Half Way Home. Add a child to the mix, or a prospective new romantic partner.

Jump around in time

Play around with time jumps. For example, what happens if you move the story forward 50 years? What will have happened to all the characters? Will they still be living in the same planet? What if a new species has taken over? Or you can go back in time 50 years to tell the story of what led to the events of Half Way Home.

Re-tell the story

Try telling the story from the perspective of another character. This can be an existing character from Half Way Home, or a new character you have added yourself. But don't just re-hash the novel's plot. Be creative and have fun. Why not tell the story from the point-of-view of a native to the planet being colonized who are spying on the interlopers? Or pretend you are the pet rabbit of one of the colonizers.

Write with the soundtrack in mind

While strong writing and imaginative storytelling is a key part of the Half Way Home fan fiction contest, another component of it is the soundtrack. The best way to get a brilliant soundtrack that is perfectly synchronized to the story is to have a listen to the available free-to-use music in our audio library. Then plan some parts of your story around the sounds.

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